The Importance of having a marketing plan and how to write it

The Importance of having a marketing plan and how to write it

Presented by Andrea Anderson, Your Marketing Machines

About this Business Moreton Bay Region workshop:

Who said marketing has to be hard!!!! With Instagram, Facebook, podcasts, Canva, e-commerce, engagements, SEO and so on, surely you should be in control of your marketing????

If you are then you’re a freaking genius!!!

However, if you are like most of us and you’re getting your head around your marketing plan for 2020, then this workshop is for you.

At this workshop we will:

  • Walk through the 4 main areas of a marketing plan
  • Map out Marketing fundamentals for your business
  • Identify your Ideal Marketing TEAM
  • Determine your fit-for-purpose business strategy
  • Outline what your marketing assets should be

And so much more.

Make marketing Your New Best Friend for 2020 and get the Jump on your competitors and register now!

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