Protect yourself from the risks of doing business online

Protect yourself from the risks of doing business online

Presented by Jeanette Jifkins, Onyx Online Law

2016 Internet Live statistics showed that 85% of the Australian population at that time (over 20,000,000 people) use the Internet. Your business needs to be online in some form just to get in front of purchasers. More than half of those people are using social media.

Think about how you use your mobile phone to research products or services, check prices and make purchases. You are not unusual. Your customers are probably a lot like you. Your business might only need an email address to take advantage of Internet usage, and you might also want to make use of some of the other benefits of being online, such as global access 24/7/365, greater flexibility, cost savings, reduced waste of time and materials and increased professionalism.

So how do you achieve all the benefits of being online, at the same time as managing your business risks?

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