Messenger marketing and the power of chatbots with Facebook

About this workshop

Ok, so you have been told you need a Facebook page. Check.

Now you need a Facebook group. Check.

Hang on, now you need to advertise...ok check.

Congratulations! You have kept Facebook in business… but, you aren’t doing so great.

And, there are no massive improvements in your lead generation.

One word.


What if you could turn all the hard work into better quality leads, higher engagement and money in your bank, all for a nominal fee???

Could this be true????


In this webinar/workshop we want you to:

  • Understand the Messenger Marketing Blueprint
  • Convert at a higher level from Facebook to your other platforms
  • Boost your bottom line by attracting high quality, itching to buy leads
  • Reward your customers when they choose you over a competitor
  • And create a massive audience of raving fans for your business

If you are frustrated with keeping the big giants in business at your expense BUT you realise you need to work with these platforms, then this is for you. Don’t let mediocre results put you off. Learn how to turn those bad results to high profits for your business.

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