How to grow your business network

How to grow your business network

Presented by Caroline Lovett, Credible Source Solutions

About this workshop

This 45-minute webinar will get you thinking about why you and your business should be involved in networking groups, what is in it for you and the long-term benefits. It will also discuss the perceived and actual challenges of balancing business and networking to grow business.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Why network?
  • What do you want to get from networking?
  • How can networking work to grow my business?
  • Free networking events and opportunities available for small businesses.
  • Workshops and meetings where business owners can network at times that don’t interfere with business responsibilities.
  • Opportunities to connect outside of local chamber groups.
  • Co-working spaces available.
  • How can local businesses support other local businesses to grow the region as a whole?

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