Cash Flow & Financial Management

Cash flow and financial management

Presented by Dianne Brown, SRJ Walker Wayland

About this workshop

Cash flow and financial management will be crucial to ensuring business sustainability throughout the sustained impact of the COVID-19 crisis. And whilst the benefits of the various stimulus support packages are flowing through, are you ready for the “October crunch?” October will see the end of the cash flow stimulus support measures, significant changes to the JobKeeper scheme, rent and mortgage deferrals could cease and your ability to manage your cash flow will be a critical determinant in your business success.

In order to ensure your business is best placed for sustainability, come along to our 90 minute workshop developed by SRJ Walker Wayland where you will:

  • Understand the financial risks associated with failing to plan, monitor and review your budgets and forecasts
  • Develop your financial management techniques
  • Gain valuable tips on how to manage and forecast cash flow
  • Create strategies and controls to preserve cash reserves

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