Building a Profitable, Environmentally-Friendly Business

Building a Profitable, Environmentally-Friendly Business

Presented by Howard Nielsen

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It is now well accepted that businesses need to be climate conscious. Environmentally sustainable practices are now expected …. not only to benefit the planet but to benefit the day-to-day and long-term profit and ethical outcomes for businesses and organisations.

In a world where more work is going to be subject to sustainability-oriented procurement requirements all businesses need to ‘go sustainable.’

Until recently there have been few practical guidelines to help build truly sustainable businesses. This workshop highlights the chief reasons for building a more climate conscious business. It also gives specific ideas for how this can happen for your business so that it can be even better at walking the talk on climate consciousness while building its financial profitability.

The benefits are that you will know what:

  • Sustainability action is relevant to your organisation
  • Tools to use to decide on sustainable practice on a daily basis
  • Tools to use to track progress toward achieving sustainable practice
  • Processes to use to engage management, staff and other key stakeholders in deciding on and implementing climate conscious practices

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