Think2Be is a group of companies founded by Hilton Misso in 1964 when he did his first property venture in the MBRC. Since 1968 Hilton and wife Lynda have since grown their business interests in diverse areas. Hilton and Lynda have now been joined in the Group by their children Jason, Sally and Jane in each of their own respective self made business pursuits.

Who we are

Our Group's role is to help in making our community a better place by assisting others by at least acknowledging and supporting their efforts. We believe that with the right attitude you can be anything you want to be.

Think2Be Philanthropic

We are strong supporters of Sean Gordon OAM, CEO Of SchoolAid. After serving 18 years as a principal in 4 schools in NSW and QLD and being elected to state and national executive roles, Sean was honoured with a Life Membership of the Australian Primary Principals Association for his contribution to education in Australia. Sean founded SchoolAid a national charity that uses “giving” as a tool to combat the rising incidence of youth suicide, depression and anxiety. SchoolAid has now involved over 60% of Australian schools, raised approximately $5 million for causes around the world and has the Governor-General of Australia, The Hon. Sir Peter Cosgrove as its inaugural Patron. Sean was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in June this year.

Think2Be Environmentally Conscious

We work with Matt Davis of Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology who provides first-class environmental consulting services, unique in their capacity to provide specialist advice across aquatic and terrestrial environments throughout Australia. \

Think2Be Healthy

Sally Dymond (The Body Specialist)

Think2Be has a strong relationship with Embrace Life North Lakes, who were established in 2009 by Kathryn Bishop and Sharon Armstrong who wanted to create a nurturing environment that would encourage their clients to confidently make healthy choices through knowledge and education. Embrace Life offers education and empowerment to support clients in making confident health choices in optimal growth and healing.

Think2Be Wealthy

Jason Misso (Misso Wealth)

Think2Be Family

Point Church (Pastor Dan Sweetman)

Think2Be Collaborative

Think2Be Community

We promote and support good community causes.

Think2Be Whatever you want to be!

We believe that each of us has limitless opportunities for growth and success as long as we open our minds and hearts to it. There are endless other applications for Think2Be sponsorship and support through voluntary opportunities and commercial joint ventures

Where we're going

We are striving to be the leading group of companies within the Moreton Bay Regional Council most committed to the cause of local employment, local community and local charitable causes

Our Mission is to serve the Community at Large.

  • To inspire and Empower others to be the best they can be in their life
  • To do Good for the Masses in a leveraged way
  • To do good Business and in conformity with our Values and Philosophies
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