Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

The Bishopp Group has over 2,500 assets across Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand including 19 Airport Partners. A true hands-on market leader, Bishopp is passionate about providing the best services in the industry; from extensive market knowledge, to internal creative services and construction operations.

Bishopp commenced operation in 1993, and many years on has evolved into Australia’s leading regional out-of-home advertising company.

The business has a total of 2,500+ assets across Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand, including 19 airports.

With an objective to support, innovate and expand, Bishopp is building abundant businesses within the greater community.

The Bishopp Billboard Constructions team engineers top-tier inventory, new technologies and a highly-efficient maintenance routine which rank Bishopp’s sites at the top of the market.

The Bishopp team is encouraged to inspire, grow and succeed as a collective; maintaining a successful blend of family values within a corporate structure.

Now employing more than 50 staff, holding relationships with over 400 property owners and helping to promote over 1,000 businesses every year; Bishopp is truly a Queensland success story.

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