Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Work closely with companies to create employers of choice.

Mission: Inspire vibrant and productive workplaces by translating the complexity of people and culture with an innovative approach to human resources management.

Values: Passion, contagious energy and enthusiasm that makes a lasting impact.

Our Story

‘First you have to know the rules of the game; and then you have to play them better than anyone else’ - Albert Einstein

Rapid change, what feels like chaos and the need to move quickly to change our workforce – do we let them go, stand them down, reduce our numbers or relocate – together with media messaging can lull you into a sense the rules can be broken.

The fact is… rules cannot be broken.

In 27 years in the small and medium business and corporate sectors spanning operations, people and performance; Akyra principle Margaret Goody has expertly led clients and business through rapid growth – and the significant impacts that happen in industry downturns – e.g. mining, 9/11, the GFC and now, COVID-19.

And right now Akyra is focussed on just one thing

Working in real time with businesses to identify and ratify where they are now; the impact and how to manage it; and then rapidly create bespoke strategies to navigate a brave new world WITHOUT making mistakes and missteps which could legally expose a business and cost them in recovery.

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