State Government land boost for Petrie university campus

State Government land boost for Petrie university campus

Petrie university campus is set to receive a land boost thanks to the Queensland Government’s Advancing our Cities and Regions Strategy.

Environment Minister and Minister for National Parks and The Great Barrier Reef, Hon Dr Steven Miles said the state-wide strategy supported the development of iconic knowledge-based precincts like The Mill at Moreton Bay to drive vital economic growth and jobs creation around major public transport nodes.

“The former Petrie paper mill site and surrounding suburbs have been declared a priority development area by the Queensland Government which is expected to deliver up to 10,000 university student placements, 6,000 ongoing jobs and $950 million in economic benefit through the creation of a major new University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) campus,” Mr Miles said.

“We know that knowledge-based projects like this can deliver huge economic benefits for local communities by driving jobs growth in higher education, research, science and commercial sectors, that’s why the Queensland Government is pleased to be supporting this project with the provision of surplus state land adjacent to the former paper mill site.”

Mr Miles said more than 110ha of environmental areas will be established to deliver a net environmental gain on site.

“A significant number of native trees will be planted including offset plantings under a vegetation and koala management plan.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council is working closely with koala monitoring experts, the environment department and local koala and environment groups to deliver a comprehensive environment plan for the site.

Real time monitoring for koalas is underway on the former mill site, helping track and undertake vital health checks on the local koala population.

Mayor Allan Sutherland said the Queensland Government was partnering with Moreton Bay Regional Council and the University of the Sunshine Coast to breathe new life into Petrie and its surrounding suburbs.

“Surplus state land has been allocated by the Queensland Government to The Mill at Moreton Bay project to help deliver a highly-connected and walkable university campus in heart of our region,” Mayor Sutherland said.

“Thanks to today’s announcement, the campus will now be within walking distance of the Petrie train station making USC’s Moreton Bay campus among the best connected university campuses in Australia, and capable of delivering high quality urban design outcomes for our region,” he said.

The final Development Scheme for The Mill at Moreton Bay was approved by the Queensland Government in August 2017 following two rounds of public consultation.

Over 90 percent of respondents supported the Development Scheme for a major new USC campus on the site and revitalisation of Petrie town centre.

Many respondents during the public consultation period said in addition to the new university campus they would like to see the priority development area deliver parkland, retail opportunities and community events.

More information can be found on council's website.

- Last updated 6 October, 2017

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