North Harbour PDA to bolster local business

North Harbour PDA to bolster local business

Home-based businesses will be among the biggest winners from an influx of new amenities, infrastructure, residents and jobs in the Moreton Bay region triggered by the future North Harbour Marina Precinct.

Small businesses already make up more than 90 per cent of the region’s 32,900 organisations while more business owners are choosing to work from home due to the impact of coronavirus and the additional lifestyle benefits.

The State Government’s commitment to declare the North Harbour Marina Precinct a Priority Development Area (PDA) is expected to lead to the creation of almost 6,000 new jobs within the Moreton Bay council area.

Moreton Bay is good for business

Sarah Gaffney, the founder of home-based beauty salon, Bair Beauty, has lived in Burpengary East for more than seven years. As a mother of four, Sarah says running a home-based business has perfectly complemented her lifestyle.

“I started Bair Beauty about 14 years ago when my first child was born because I wanted to be able to work and look after my children at the same time,” Sarah said.

“Living in the Moreton Bay region has enabled me to do just that.”

Sarah is looking forward to new growth coming to the region including the North Harbour community, which will bring more than 12,500 new residents to Burpengary East once complete.

“The benefits of having a home-based business in Moreton Bay are endless due to all the new infrastructure, in particular the development of the North Harbour marina,” said Sarah.

“There are a lot of older people that have lived here for generations, but we are slowly seeing more families come to the region which is very exciting.

“Having the North Harbour Marina in the area will have unparalleled benefits not only to local businesses but also to the wider Moreton Bay region.”

Home-based businesses are already reaping the benefits of Moreton Bay’s growing population, which is forecast to surpass that of Tasmania in the next 20 years, growing from 479,639 residents to approximately 697,000 by 2041.

World-class destination

North Harbour Project Director Bryan Finney said he recognised the important role small business played in driving the Moreton Bay economy.

“Small businesses are critical for a growing economy with high employment opportunities,” said Mr Finney.

“North Harbour Marina will support the creation and growth of small businesses in the Moreton Bay region by accommodating thousands of new residents as this exciting masterplanned community continues to evolve following a PDA declaration.

“The North Harbour PDA will attract more small businesses to Moreton Bay while also bringing unparalleled benefits to existing businesses in the region, including local home-based businesses.”

By 2035, North Harbour will be a world-class destination for recreation and tourism, sensitively integrated with regional open space, jobs, business and marine industries, all set amid modern community living and affordable, innovative housing.

A joint project between North Harbour Holdings and Trask Land Corporation, the North Harbour Marina Precinct will provide 2,000 new dwellings, including waterfront homes, units, terrace homes and traditional detached homes, alongside recreational space featuring 12km of frontage to the Caboolture River.

The precinct is expected to inject a massive $761 million a year into the Moreton Bay region – delivering more than 6,550 ongoing jobs for Queensland.

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