North Harbour - a great attraction for Brisbane Olympics tourism

North Harbour - a great attraction for Brisbane Olympics tourism

The North Harbour Marina Precinct will position Moreton Bay as a front runner in the race to attract tourists visiting southeast Queensland during the Brisbane Olympics in 2032.

North Harbour will be a major drawcard for the Moreton Bay region, showcasing more than 319 hectares of riverfront parkland as well as a unique Heritage Park and the Marina Village’s boardwalk location for diners and shoppers.

This concentration of outstanding recreation, leisure, retail and heritage opportunities in a single riverfront setting will be perfect for time-poor tourists and allows Moreton Bay to race ahead of other southeast Queensland destinations.

Economic boost for Moreton Bay

The State Government’s anticipated declaration of a Priority Development Area (PDA) at North Harbour will sound the starter’s gun on the marina project, triggering an employment and economic bonanza worth up to $760 million to the Moreton Bay region every year.

North Harbour Project Director Bryan Finney said the Olympics will make Moreton Bay a must-visit holiday destination for thousands of tourists from across the world.

“While the eyes of the world have been on Tokyo this year, the global gaze will focus upon southeast Queensland in the build-up to the Brisbane Olympics in 2032,” said Mr Finney.

An attractive option for tourists

“Tourists will have the very best Queensland experience when they come to North Harbour, with outstanding amenities and opportunities available in a single destination and beautiful Moreton Bay awaiting them.

“North Harbour will become a launching point for yacht hire, fishing and diving charters out on the water, while a huge variety of family friendly recreational and heritage activities will be within our 319-hectare riverfront parkland.

“It’s a marathon not a sprint,” said Mr Finney. “The State Government’s declaration of a PDA will be a game-changer for the future prosperity of the Moreton Bay community.”

Moreton Bay will host the 2032 Olympic boxing events in the purpose-built Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre which will be located at The Mill in Petrie, just 25 minutes away from North Harbour.

Future precinct for region

A joint project between North Harbour Holdings and Trask Land Corporation, the North Harbour Marina Precinct will provide 2,000 new dwellings, including waterfront homes, units, terrace homes and traditional detached homes, alongside recreational space featuring 12km of frontage to the Caboolture River.

The precinct is expected to create an average of 805 jobs each year during the construction phase, with more than 6,550 new ongoing jobs being created over the lifetime of the project.

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