Latest Business Grants Update: Tuesday 17 November

Latest Business Grants Update - 17 November 2020

Find some key information below on featured grants and funding available for Moreton Bay Region businesses. For more business grants and funding opportunities visit RDA Moreton Bay

New Business Assistance with NEIS

This program, formerly known as New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), aims to support individuals who are interested in running a small business.

From 15 October 2020, people can access NEIS and start their own business if they are working 25 hours per week or less. This will enable people with part-time work, study or caring responsibilities to participate in the program on a part-time basis.

From 7 December 2020, existing micro-business owners impacted by COVID-19 can access NEIS if they need help to keep their business running or refocus their operations to meet new areas of demand.

The program can help by providing:

  • Accredited small business training.
  • Personalised mentoring and support from a NEIS provider in the first year of the new business to help put the business idea into practice.

Amount Available: Income support for up to 39 weeks and Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks

Closing date: no current close date


Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant

Are you a small to medium business that is building capability to manufacture/create Australian made products that you would sell to our Defence Force? The updated Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant has opened on 12 Nov with grants now from $70k to $1.4mil for these type of projects.

Amount available: From $70,000 to $1.4 mill for up to 70% of the cost of the project

Closing date: 30 June 2021


Defence Global Competitive Grant

Are you a small to medium business that wants to invest in projects that build their defence export capability.

Project activities can include: buying, leasing, constructing, installing or commissioning of capital equipment including specialist software to enhance cyber security; design, engineering and commissioning activities; and workforce training and accreditations

The Defence export strategy defines Australian defence exports as ‘any defence-specific or dual-use goods or services exported by Australian defence industry, including as part of a supply chain, that are intended for a defence or national security end-user’.

Amount available: From $24k to $240k for up to 80% of costs

Closing date: 30 June 2021


International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) - updated

If you require to export high-value and time-sensitive perisable products and the current scheduled flights do not meet an exporter’s needs, the exporter may discuss their options with their freight forwarder and apply for grant assistance through IFAM. The grant can only be used for the purpose of partially offsetting the agreed increased cost of freight for export of the eligible products, resulting from COVID-19.

Amount available: Dependent on requirements

Closing date: 14 Feb 2021


Biosecurity Innovation Program Grant

The Program will provide financial support for projects that could improve:

  • biosecurity screening of goods and passengers
  • biosecurity risk detection — for example, drone surveillance, artificial intelligence, robotics, next generation sequencing and new biological controls
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of our national biosecurity system in a changing environment.

First step is to write a 100-300 words short description of your idea.

Amount available: Dependent on requirements

Closing date: 14 Feb 2021


Veteran and Community Grants

Available only to Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) and those working in partnership with ESO’s. Small grants for community-based projects and activities that support safe, accessible environments for veterans and their families. Large grants for projects that deliver wellbeing support services and activities of broad-scale benefit to the veteran community.

Amount available: Small grants up to $20k, Large grants up to $150k

Closing date: 21 January 2021


Rural Financial Counselling Services Program

Grant to deliver services under the RFCS Program. The RFCS Program is an Australian Government initiative that provides free and independent financial counselling to eligible farmers, fisher, foresters and small related enterprises who are experiencing, or at risk of, financial hardship.

Amount available: Dependent on requirement

Closing date: 11 December 2020


Citizen Science Grants - Round 2

This grant opportunity funds projects that provide all Australians with opportunities to participate in scientifically valid citizen science projects. Through the program, and building on the Australian Government’s National Science Statement and Advancing Women in STEM strategy, these grants deliver projects to engage and empower Australians in science while building their skills and scientific literacy.

This round will support projects that contribute to areas of national significance by addressing these specific focus areas: disaster resilience and preparedness; environmental change; cyber security and artificial intelligence; and food and agribusiness.

Amount available: $150k to $500k (up to 85% of project)

Closing date: 17 December 2020


AgriFutures Aust. - Emerging Industries

The AgriFutures Emerging Industries Program is calling for applications from emerging rural industries to partner with AgriFutures Australia to increase the production capacity and value of their industry. Applicants should be aiming to grow their industry by applying research, development and extension (RD&E) to overcome technical, market, supply chain and biological constraints.

Amount available: Up to $500k

Closing date: 18 December 2020


Indigenous Fire and Land Management Workshops Grant

The Indigenous Fire and Land Workshops program supports Indigenous led knowledge sharing of Indigenous fire and land management practices delivered through workshops Australia wide.

Application are welcome from Traditional owners, Indigenous Organisations or Indigenous Businesses that are incorporated in Australia including Indigenous not for profit organisations, associations, councils and government agencies or bodies.

Amount available: $20k to $200k

Closing date: 10 December 2020


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