Business tenders for council projects go digital

Media statement: Friday 23 October

Business tenders for council projects go digital

Businesses in Moreton Bay Region can now access all upcoming Council contracts online.

Mayor Peter Flannery said all Council tenders will go digital from November 21, flowing the closure of local NewsCorp publications and legislative changes by the State Government.

“This is a move that just makes sense for Council, for local businesses and for the environment,” he said.

“So if you’re not already registered with LG Tender Box, do that now.

“Going digital will save ratepayers money by eliminating annual advertising costs and it will reduce the amount of paper waste in our region.

“At a time when local businesses need any leg up they can get, this will make it easier for business owners to access tenders for Council work right across Moreton Bay Region.

“Couple that with Council’s introduction of a local procurement policy to give favourable weighting towards local businesses, and hopefully we’ve got a recipe for success.

“This announcement is a direct result of changes to local government legislation made by the Queensland Government.

“It means businesses should monitor the ‘Working for Council’ section of the Moreton Bay Regional Council website to see opportunities as they arise.”

Suppliers must register with LG Tender Box to receive notifications of current tenders.

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