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In this business support module, Moreton Bay Regional Council presents a guide on how to use LG Tender Box to submit tenders for council projects.

Key learning outcomes:

  • What is LG Tender Box?
  • How council uses LG Tender Box
  • How to register your business.

Video presentation: LG tender box

Doing business with Moreton Bay Regional Council: LG Tender box

Hello, I’m Natalie from the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Welcome to council’s online tutorial on LG Tender Box. This presentation will cover:

  • What is LG Tender Box?
  • How council uses LG Tender Box
  • How to register your business

What is LG Tender Box?

LG Tender Box is an online tendering portal used by the council to advertise tenders to registered suppliers and inviting them to apply for council projects.

Council uses LG Tender Box to call for quotes and tenders. If the value of a quote is between $50,000 and $200,000, the quote will be requested on either LG Tender Box, or another platform called Vendor Panel. If the value is greater than $200,000 an open tender will be advertised and available on LG Tender Box.

How council uses LG Tender Box

The tender process is broken down to a few steps.

First, council creates the tender online, which is then published on LG Tender Box. Next registered suppliers are notified of the new tender via email. From here, interested suppliers can download the tender documents and post questions in the tender forum, which council responds to. Suppliers can then lodge their tender submission on LG tender box.

After the tender has closed, council follows strict guidelines when receiving submissions and awarding the tender. Once the tender has been awarded it is published on LG Tender Box with the contract details for everyone to see.

Unsuccessful suppliers will receive an email advising them of the outcome. You can maximize your chances of doing business with the Moreton Bay Regional Council by registering with LG Tender Box.

How to register your business on LG Tender Box

Now let's go through step-by-step on how you can become a registered supplier.

1. Register you business

Open a web browser and go to www.LGtenderbox.com.au. Then click on the registration link. Ensure you carefully read terms and conditions before accepting.

Fill out the form, starting with your business information. Select the areas your business can provide services to - for the Moreton Bay region, select Southeast Queensland.

Select the industry categories that suit your business, you can select more than one. Enter your contact information then - to complete the registration process - click register.

2. Confirmation email

A confirmation message will be displayed and an email will be sent to your nominated address. Go to your email and find the one from LG Tender Box. Make sure you check your junk folder if you can't locate it in your inbox. The email will contain your registration details, including your username and password to log in to the accounts.

3. Login to LG tender box

Return to the web browser and click login. Enter the username and password provided in the email. When logging in for the first time, you'll be prompted to change your password.

4. Review your business profile

Once in your account, you can review your details and your business profile. On the business profile page, you can update your selection of industry categories, add additional addresses for your business, and even add colleagues to the profile.

To invite your colleagues to help manage your business profile and respond to tender opportunities. Scroll down to the people section and click add person. Complete the fields and click save changes. An email will be sent to your colleague inviting them to create a profile.

5. View available tenders

Once you have completed setting up your profile, you can start looking at available tenders from council.

To do that click on ‘Tenders’ located at the top of the page, then select ‘Current’. Scroll down and click on the categories that suit your business. From the list you can see the tenders from Moreton Bay Regional Council under the ‘Issue by’ column.

6. Apply for a tender

Now let's learn how to download and apply for a tender.

Once you found a tender that you would like to apply for, click on the tender’s description, which is a link. Scroll down to the specification documents section and click download now to access the tender documents. You will be taken through to the download for tender documents screen.

Click ‘download documents’ to begin the download process. Once download documents is clicked, you will be prompted to open or save the tender documents. This message will differ slightly depending on the internet browser used. To save a copy of the documents to your computer you must select the ‘save’ option.

A zip folder containing the documents will then automatically be saved to the nominated location on your computer.

Before applying for a tender, you need to have completed all the required documents. To submit a tender response, scroll down to the responses section and click on the link. This will take you to the submit electronic response page, where you'll be able to drag and drop your completed tender documents.

To upload your completed documents to the tender, open the folder on your computer that contains the documents. You now need to drag and drop your completed documents from your folder into the ‘tender upload’ area. Once you have dragged and dropped all of the required documents into the upload area, click ‘upload response’. A file upload box will appear on the screen, showing the progress of your upload. Do not navigate away from this page while the upload is in progress. Your upload is successfully completed when a response receipt, confirmation number and a list of documents uploaded is shown on the screen titled ‘electronic response confirmation page’.

These details will also be emailed to you. It is recommended that you keep the email confirmations as these contain the date and time of your submission and the list of files that were attached. If you do not receive a confirmation on this screen or by email containing your seat number and list of documents uploaded, you may not have successfully submitted your response. Submit your entire tender response again, or contact LG Tender Box for assistance.

If you submit your response and forget to upload additional documents, please upload other documents in a separate response, and ensure a response receipt confirmation is received for all your separate uploads. All separate responses made a recorded in the electronic tender box in folders under your business name.

For more LG Tender Box user guides, and helpful tips, click on ‘Help’ and then ‘FAQ's’ or document library. Whether you're applying for your first tender or your 50th, it's important to allow sufficient time to thoroughly examine all the specification documents, and prepare your response in accordance with the instructions in the documents.

Council encourages businesses in the Moreton Bay region to register with LG Tender Box to receive timely advice on new tender releases, which gives you the maximum amount of time available to prepare your response.

For further information about how to do business with the Moreton Bay Regional Council please visit www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au.

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