How to become a more inclusive business

Managing your staff

What does it mean to be an inclusive business? What are the benefits? This presentation briefly touches on how hiring someone with disability helps businesses understand the needs of clients with disability and can broaden your customer base and increase customer loyalty.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of becoming a more inclusive business
  • How to become a more inclusive business
  • Understand the recruitment process
  • Misconceptions about employing someone with a disability
  • Who is EPIC Assist and what do they do?

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Presentation: How to become a more inclusive business

How to become a more inclusive business

My name is Nadine and I work for Epic Assist. Today, we're going to talk about how to become a more inclusive business.

Epic Assist helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment. Disabilities can range from mental health conditions, through to intellectual disabilities, or any other injury or health conditions.

How long has EPIC been around for and where do you operate?

EPIC Assist has been around for 30 years in 2020. So we're celebrating 30 years this year. We operate from Tasmania through to Northern New South Wales and all of Queensland, and, in the Moreton Bay area, we operate out of the Strathpine office, the Kallangur office, the Caboolture office, the Redcliffe office, and right out to Bribie Island.

How does EPIC assist businesses looking for employees?

EPIC assist businesses look for employees with disabilities. We try and break down the business needs, through costs, saving cost, assisting with the recruitment process, cutting time, which also is a cost, and trying to find the right person for the business needs. One in five Australians actually live with a disability, but still struggle to find work and get their foot in the door with businesses.

How does the recruitment process work?

Again, we break down the business needs, find out what they're looking for in an employee, and we job match. We job match. We screen our participants and we find the right person for the business and what they're looking for.

What misconceptions do employers have about employing someone with a disability?

The misconception businesses have with employing somebody with a disability is, a lot of employers will feel that someone with disability is a burden. They will cost the company money. They will have to be supervised, all day, every day, and that's just not the case. People with disabilities have learned to adapt their whole life. They are very reliable people and they just want to be given a chance.

What are the benefits of hiring someone with a disability?

People with disabilities are innovative, problem solvers. They think outside the box. As I mentioned before, they are also very reliable. There's actually statistics to show that they show up to work a lot more than someone without a disability. And they're fun. They're fun. Exciting. And can bring education to both the employees, fellow employees, or employers.

If required, what workplace modifications can EPIC Assist help with?

So at Epic assist we also help with workplace modifications through work assist. And that can be from a brand new desk that might be able to adjust up and down, through to a program reader for someone that might be visually impaired. So anything that's required to modify in the workplace, we can help with the application process to have a workplace modification done.

How can EPIC assist small businesses impacted by COVID-19?

Epic Assist can help businesses who are having a financial struggle through wage subsidies, which can assist with a good part of the pay for, or wage for, an employee with a disability. There is a variety of wage subsidies, including a wage start for a mature age through to a youth boost. And during COVID-19 who doesn't need financial assistance?

Why should a business consider hiring a person with disability?

Quite often people with disability think outside the box. And it's life changing. I know the amount of people that have mental health within disability is huge. And when you are seeing somebody that is suicidal and then just from a simple thing as being hired, you've changed their life. That's meaningful and who wouldn't want to change somebody's life?

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