Doing business with Moreton Bay Regional Council

Working with Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and business each year. In this presentation learn about the process that council follows to ensure all activities achieve the best outcome for the community.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the legislative requirements under which council must operate
  • Understand how council procures goods and services
  • Learn what you need to do to be considered as a potential supplier or contractor
  • Learn some key tips and advice to consider when applying for council contracts

Video Presentation: Doing business with Moreton Bay Regional Council

Doing business with Moreton Bay Regional Council

Hello, my name is Donna Gregory and I’m the Director of Finance and Corporate Services at Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year, and there are a few steps we follow to ensure all activities achieve the best outcome for the community.

This video will explain what you need to know about doing business with us, including helping you understand the legislative requirements under which councils must operate, how Council procures goods and services, and what you need to do to register to be considered as a potential supplier or contractor. I’ll also share some tips to consider when applying for council contracts.

What does Council purchase

Council purchases a wide variety of goods, services and awards contracted works across a range of areas, including building materials, vehicles, roads, footpaths, plant and equipment, furniture and office equipment, recreational and community facilities, professional services, utilities and more.


Council’s procurement of goods and services is governed by various laws, regulations, policies and guidelines.

Under the Local Government Act, Council considers five sound contracting principles in its procurement activities including:

  1. Value for money
  2. Open and effective competition
  3. The development of competitive local business and industry
  4. Environmental protection
  5. Ethical behaviour and fair dealing

Supporting Local Business

In the 2020/21 Financial Year, Council will invest $685 million into the region, including a $220 million capital works program covering upgrades to roads, transport and parks, as well as sport and recreation facilities.

We want to make sure that as much of this work goes to local businesses as possible.

That is why our Local Preference Policy has been introduced, meaning that local businesses get a competitive edge in the tender evaluation for being within the region and employing local people.

The preference towards businesses depends on how invested the business is in the Moreton Bay region, for example:

  • Is the head office registered within the region?
  • If not, does the business operate a branch or depot within the region?
  • If the business is not registered or operate within the region, Are they based in an adjacent region such as Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Somerset?
  • Or are they based in a non-adjacent South East Queensland region such as Redlands, Logan, Ipswich?

All businesses outside South East Queensland are considered non-local and won’t be evaluated under the Local Preference policy.

Council will award quotes and tenders worth $50,000 or less to local businesses, in the first instance. If the local businesses cannot supply, do not have the capability or do not provide value for money, then contracts may be awarded to non-local businesses.

For quotes and tenders greater than $50,000, a local preference weighting of 15 per cent will be applied to the tender evaluation scores. This means a local business could get up to 15 additional points added to the tender evaluation score, giving them additional benefit in the tender assessment.

How we purchase

Council seeks to procure goods and services by calling for quotes on VendorPanel or tenders on LG Tenderbox.

VendorPanel is a web-based e-sourcing tool that allows Council to quickly and easily obtain quotes from suppliers. LG Tender Box is an online tendering portal used by Council for all tendering processes.

Quotes under $50,000 will be requested through VendorPanel. If the value is between $50,000 and $200,000, the quote will be requested on either VendorPanel or LG Tender Box, and if the value is greater than $200,000 an open tender will be advertised and available on LG Tender Box.

Quotes under a purchasing arrangement, no matter the value, will be requested on VendorPanel.

By registering with VendorPanel and LG Tender Box, businesses can ensure they are more visible to Council and better placed to respond to opportunities to work with us and take advantage of the Local Preference Policy.

You can find links to these platforms by visiting the Supplier Portal on council’s website.

Tips when submitting tenders

Council considers, among other things, capability and experience when evaluating tenders. Businesses are encouraged to target the right opportunities and ensure the project is cost effective to deliver.

Make sure you highlight factors that make you stand out, for example being environmentally sustainable, being a local employer and having high safety standards and an excellent safety record.

When completing a tender, make sure you read and understand all requirements. If you are unsure about what is being asked, you can seek clarification contacting the procurement team.

It is important you provide all the requested information, address the criteria in full and lodge by the closing date and time.

If you do business with Council, we expect your workplace and practices are safe and you comply with all relevant Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

Council also requires that you hold specific insurances. Your insurances need to be current and maintained throughout the duration of your contract with Council.

We understand that a lot of preparation goes into a tender so being unsuccessful can be disappointing. Ensure you take advantage of our feedback service which is offered to any business who requests it following a tender process. This is a useful process designed to assist you in understanding which criteria of your submission can be improved for future tenders.

To find out more about doing business with council visit, get in touch with our Procurement team via email at or call our Customer Service team on 3205 0555.


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