USC Course: Leadership For High Performance Teams

TE-Course: Equip yourself to harness the best from your team

Designed for team leaders or aspiring leaders, this series of three modules will provide the foundational skills to help you build a more productive and engaged workplace culture. You'll learn in a small class environment (maximum 20 per class) and network with participants from a range of industries. A TE-Course combines theory and experience to deliver highly practical content and will suit those who are keen to up-skill quickly and effectively. In this course you will develop practical leadership skills that can be applied to any team or organisation.

Equip yourself to harness the best from your team through:

  • learning the key elements of effective leadership
  • understanding different personality styles
  • understanding team dynamics and developing skills that will improve engagement at all levels
  • exploring strategies to manage burnout and increase employee engagement

Bite-Sized Modules

Set out in three bite-sized modules, you'll be coached through a range of strategies to guide your team successfully to reach your workplace goals. Choose to complete one, two or all modules:

  • Module 1: Supervisory and Leadership Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Performance Management and Working with Groups
  • Module 3: Boosting Human Capital by Leveraging Effort

At the end of each module you'll set out actionable goals and work through a plan to achieve them.

Download this brochure to learn more about course dates and modules structure.


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