Speaking in Public [Livestream]

Thurs 4 June

Speaking in Public [Livestream]

Presented by Melanie Wood, Speaking Styles

In this free live stream workshop, discover the keys to engaging your audience when you learn to speak with clarity, ease and authenticity.

  • Gain clarity on your unique gifts, values and the results you can help your audience with sharing your story every time
  • Discover your voice, message that authentically connects you with your audience every time
  • Learn how to engage and connect with your audience and embrace your own style
  • Set your mindset for change and future results
  • Discover a transformation in yourself and your business with speaking.


How to Attend:

This free workshop will consist of a 60 min presentation followed by 30 minute Q&A. The workshop will be live streamed from USC Moreton Bay direct to Business Moreton Bay Region Facebook page. Register to receive a reminder and notification when the workshop begins.

Thursday 4 June, 10.00am - 11.30am

For more workshops and business development opportunities visit www.businessmoretonbayregion.com.au

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