Protect your business and keep your customers loyal [workshop]

Tues 13 Oct

Protect your business and keep your customers loyal [business workshop]

Tuesday 13 October (9.30am - 11.30am)


About this workshop:

7 Key Aspects you can change today to protect your business and keep your customers loyal to you.

How secure is your business? Do you have a long term strategy to make sure its going to be around in 2, 5 or even 20 years.

There are many factors that can influence a business and its viability. Some in your control and others not. At this workshop we talk about the ones we can control, unpack them and look at some strategies to take the risk out of them happening.

Your 7 key takeaways you will learn at this workshop are:

  1. Customer retention strategies
  2. Insulating yourself from your Competition
  3. Customers perception of value
  4. Innovation and the part it plays in protecting your business
  5. Communication, internal and external
  6. Business Processes
  7. Have a Cyber Security Strategy and implement it

Implement these strategies now to protect your business through 2020 and beyond, and ensure the hard work your putting in now will pay off far into the future.

How to attend this Business Workshop

This workshop will be presented live at Business Moreton Bay Region, 433 Elizabeth Avenue, Kippa Ring 4021. To adhere to physical distancing restrictions there will be very limited spaces available to attend the workshop live. The presentation will also be live streamed to the Official Business Moreton Bay Region Facebook page.

The workshop is presented by Business Moreton Bay Region, Innovate Moreton Bay and RDA Moreton Bay, and proudly supported by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

For more free and low-cost workshops visit www.businessmoretonbayregion.

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