COVID-19 – Restarting, Transitioning and Resilience – Online Coaching

COVID-19 – Restarting, Transitioning and Resilience – Online Coaching

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Four complimentary one-on-one online coaching sessions and webinars for eligible tourism and hospitality businesses.

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted many of the assumptions and tools that business leaders rely on for decision-making, and therefore a solid framework for action and moving forward is essential.

Four key business activities have been identified to help Queensland tourism businesses to prepare for re-opening and to be competitive in a primarily domestic market for 2020/21.

Four complimentary sessions of one-on-one online coaching is available to eligible tourism and hospitality businesses that have participated in or viewed, one or more of the four webinars outlined below:

The 2020-2021 Queensland Tourism Industry Business Capability Development Program (TIBCDP) will offer four live webinars delivered by tourism industry specialists that will commence early July 2020, on the following topics:

  • COVID re-opening preparation,
  • Pivoting product and innovation,
  • Domestic trade and distribution, and
  • Domestic marketing.

Businesses that are unable to participate in the live webinars will be able to view the recorded webinars from the QTIC website.

Eligible Businesses:

Micro, small, and medium businesses across all sectors of the tourism industry are encouraged to participate.

A tourism business is defined as a business that provides a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operates within ONE of the following categories:

  • Accommodation
  • Attraction
  • Food and Drink
  • Events
  • Tour
  • Hire
  • Transport

Businesses that supply to tourism industry businesses are ineligible to participate in the Queensland Tourism Industry Business Capability Program.

For further information email or call (07) 3236 1445.

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