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Sandstone Point Hotel

Sitting comfortably on 500 metres of unobstructed water-frontage is Sandstone Point Hotel. A picturesque icon for tourists, and locals located at Sandstone Point overlooking the pristine waters of Pumicestone Passage & Moreton Bay.

Surrounded by nature, it is home to a restored Oyster Shed, beautifully appointed restaurant, function facilities, major concert area, kids playground and farm experience, and much more.

An Unrivalled Events Venue

Sandstone Point Hotel is a major tourism drawcard and contributor to the local economy. The establishment has delivered a number of events exclusive to the Moreton Bay Region (with more to come) such as the Strawberry Festival, Bonfire Night, Rodeo and Waterworld Central.

Ticket sales indicate 10 percent of special events visitors are travelling from all over South East Queensland.

“Waterworld Central alone attracted more than 5,000 people while it was here, it was a massive hit with families. We recently did a survey and it was clear they are spending money, not just at the hotel but in the local community – they are filling up their car, staying overnight and spending money in our stores,” pointed out Sandstone Point Hotel Director, Robert Comiskey.

The Start of Something Big…

Many thought the Comiskey Group, best known for bringing North Brisbane the lauded Eatons Hill Hotel, was crazy for building the $50 million dollar, 35 hectare development, yet now critics are eating their words.

The sprawling waterside establishment is going from strength to strength, proving its success with a string of successful festivals and concerts to its name and future developments in motion set to maximise on the stunning hotel’s potential.

The stunning success of the Comiskey Group’s latest fruitful venture has seen Sandstone Point Hotel bestowed with a number of accolades including Best Overall Hotel, Best Outdoor/Non-Enclosed Facility and Best New Hotel/Tavern from The Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) Annual Awards for Excellence.

But, there is still more to come at Sandstone Point…

What’s Next?

Stage 2 and 3 involves a 50-room, 4.5-star motel, caravan park with caravan and camp sites, and a family resort - The BIG4 Sandstone Point Holiday Resort!

By the time Stage 2 is complete, the Comiskey Group expects to have shelled out over $100 million in construction costs in bringing this ambitious expansion to life.

If the hotel’s numerous awards are any indication, this next step in Sandstone Point’s evolution will no doubt prove prosperous for not only the Comsikey Group, but for the wider local area (including Bribie Island) and beyond.

Sandstone Point Hotel Creates Jobs for Locals

The Bribie Island area experiences twice the national average unemployment rate, however, the hotel is playing its part in helping turn this state of affairs around.

Ninety-five percent of the more than 90 staff employed at the hotel are Bribie Island locals.

“We make sure locals are our first choice for jobs, including our contract workers such as electricians, plumbers, and landscapers, as well as the additional staff and hires we need for our events and concerts,” explained Director Comiskey.

“We love the Moreton Bay Region and we are committed to playing a key role in driving tourism to our local area and benefits to our community,” he said.

2016 Stats – How the Venue Benefits Moreton Bay Region

Key survey results:

  • 72.79% of visitors that saw bands in Brisbane North at the establishment dined, drank, and/or shopped on Bribie Island (the percentage excludes Sandstone Point Hotel patronage)
  • 99.67% of visitors said they believe the concerts held at the Sandstone Point have made a positive contribution to the local area
  • 30% of the venue’s guests hadn’t been to Bribie Island in the past year
  • 62.7% of Sandstone Point Hotel visitors stayed overnight on Bribie Island

  • Dining Times

    Monday to Thursday 11.30am – 2.30pm
    Friday 11.30am – 3pm

    Monday to Thursday 5.30pm – 9pm
    Friday 5.30pm – 9pm

    Weekend All Day Dining
    Saturday 11am – 9.30pm
    Sunday 11am – 9pm

    Hotel & Gaming License Hours

    Sunday to Tuesday 10am – Midnight
    Wednesday & Saturday 10am – 2am

    Bottlemart – Drive Thru

    Friday & Saturday 10am – 10pm
    Sunday to Thursday 10am – 8pm

    Courtesy Bus

    Courtesy Bus runs Friday evenings from 9pm – 2:30am servicing Ningi, Sandstone Point & Bribie Island

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    Sandstone Point 4511

    07 3475 3001

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