19 / September / 2019

Robot Recycling Initiative at Grace Lutheran College


Posted 19 September 2019

Robot Recycling Initiative at Grace Lutheran College

On 11 October from 9:30am, Grace Lutheran College, in partnership with Cyborg Dynamics Engineering, will roll out of an exciting new waste recycling project to be implemented at the College.

The Grace Robotics Program, working out of the College’s state-of-the-art Trade Skills Centre, are designing and building a robot which will independently traverse the school grounds asking students to place, both recyclable and non-recyclable, rubbish in its bins.


The initiative is part of Grace Lutheran College’s MEM20413 Certificate II Engineering Pathways (build a robot and build a drone) course, which allows students to learn how to build and maintain their own robot and drones, as well as complete a class project to build and maintain a robot that will provide a commercial service to the college.


“Once the robot is built, students will then continue their learning by problem solving how to maintain the commercial robot in a simulated workplace environment so that it may eventually be able to provide a service to the college,” says Leisa Jones, Head of Vocational Education & Training at the College.


“The partnership with Grace and Cyborg Dynamics, allows the program to equip the students of today with the skills to work with the future robotic and drone workforce. The exciting initiative will hopefully transform and re-energise the way waste is recycled at the College, as well as potentially impact other similar institutions and the way they regard recycling.”


A prototype demonstration will commence after 9:30am at the Grace Lutheran College Rothwell campus with local dignitaries in attendance.