17 / October / 2019

My Innovation Advisor Service


Posted 17 October 2019


My Innovation Advisor Service

Get strategic business advice from a commercial expert with real-world experience in innovative, high growth enterprises


The Innovate Queensland – My Innovation Advisor service offers businesses with a one hour free consultation with commercial experts to assist innovative businesses with assessment and development of their businesses’ commercialisation and growth strategies.

To be eligible for the My Innovation Advisor Service, your business must:

  • be Queensland based and have a Queensland registered ABN registered.
  • at minimum, have an innovative, new product(s) or service(s) that is at or close to commercialisation or be seeking growth via sales of its existing innovative product(s) or service(s) into new markets.
  • provide relevant information requested by the My Innovation Advisor service.
  • provide such feedback and progress reports requested by Innovate Queensland.

The Innovate Queensland program is delivered by Impact Innovation Group Pty Ltd under contract to the Queensland Government and supports the Government’s $755 million Advance Queensland initiative.

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