11 / October / 2019

Businesses, Get Ready for wild weather


Posted 11 October 2019

Businesses, Get ready for wild weather

Natural disasters are a reality of life in Queensland. If you own or operate a business in Moreton Bay, now is the time to start preparing.

Local Disaster Management Group Chair and Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division 2, Peter Flannery said Get Ready Queensland Week will run from 13 to 19 October and council was spreading the word about the importance of getting ready for severe weather and disasters.

“It will come as no surprise to locals that the risk of storms, floods and fires heightened in Queensland over the warmer months.

“October provides a window of opportunity to start preparing your business for Queensland’s wild weather,” Councillor Flannery said.

“Taking a few small steps now will save you a world of pain — and expense — later.

“Start with a disaster management plan, if you have one already, dust it off and make sure it’s still relevant for your business.

“Your disaster management plan should identify the risks that a severe storm, flood, bushfire or other natural disaster present to your business.

“It should also identify strategies to minimise or mitigate these risks and detail an evacuation plan for your staff should their safety come under threat from a natural disaster.”

Councillor Flannery said the next step for business owners and operators was to set aside time to train and exercise staff in how to respond to a natural disaster.

“For example, if your disaster management plan identifies that your business is low-lying and at risk of flooding, make sure your staff know what to do when heavy rain is forecast.

“That might be cleaning up the worksite, moving important documents or equipment to higher ground, and confirming the safest evacuation route should the worst happen.

“Consider a sit-down session to go through the disaster management plan, followed by a drill. Remember, their safety is your responsibility.”

Councillor Flannery said he had one last tip for businesses.

“Make sure your vital business records are stored in sealed containers and even go so far as to save digital copies which can be stored offsite or securely online,” Councillor Flannery said.

“One hour of admin now will save you weeks of pain down the track, should the worst happen.

“It’s simple really, if you’re a business owner or operator — plan to recover.”

For steps to prepare your business including templates and further information: www.getready.qld.gov.au/get-prepared/protect-your-business

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