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Virtual Safety Manager

Virtual Safety Manager provides companies with stress-free workplace health and safety (WHS) solutions.

Every company, sole trader, franchisee etc has safety obligations set down in the WHS Act and Regulations. The penalties for not complying with these obligations are getting more and more scary for business owners and managers - massive fines and jail terms have already been handed out.

There are so many things that people need to know, need to implement and manage - it's an absolute minefield.

The services offered by Virtual Safety Manager aren't about doing all the work for the company - a big part of it is helping people understand their own responsibilities and how to be a safety leader in their own company.

Stress-free safety packages

With its Stress-free Safety Packages, Virtual Safety Manager will customise and implement a cloud-based WHS management system that suits your business, and provide the responsive monitoring, support and ongoing advice that a growing organisation needs to stay compliant.

Solutions to give your business a competitive edge

Virtual Safety Manager can assist with a whole range of solutions and tailored services, including:

  • Virtual Quality Manager
  • Virtual Enviro Manager
  • Virtual Systems Manager
  • Virtual Fire Safety Advisor 

For more information about products, packages and prices (including pre-paid and retainer options), get in touch with the team at Virtual Safety Manager today.


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