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Streten Masons Lawyers is a Caboolture-based law firm with a progressive and innovative attitude. It believes that every person should have the right to choose the life they want to live.

It delivers fast, accurate and comprehensive advice to help clients obtain the best possible outcome, in the most efficient manner. In doing this, it helps its clients achieve their goals and choose the lives that they want. Streten Masons Lawyers is at the cutting edge of changes to the law in legislation and decided cases as well as changes in local, state and federal government rules.

Areas of practice include: building & construction law, commercial & corporate law, conveyancing, criminal law, debt recovery, insolvency law, litigation & dispute resolution, property law and more.

Founded by directors Jeremy Streten and Craig Mason, Streten Masons Lawyers is known for its award-winning ‘Business Legal Lifecycle’.

Don’t get caught out — prepare for business with the Business Legal Lifecycle

The reality of business is that eventually, there will be legal obligations and inevitable problems that can cause a lot of stress. This is true for companies of any size, from the small business run by a single person, to the large corporations that seem indestructible. When these problems do occur, the strain could lead to financial loss, loss of clients, or even lead to the loss of the business itself.

It is important to prepare for problems in your business. The Business Legal Lifecycle is a book that can guide you with the knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and give you an idea of where businesses at a similar stage look next in order to expand.

Not just a legal handbook

While the Business Legal Lifecycle aims to inform business owners about when legal aspects of their business may arise, the book also provides context on when and how you may grow your business. When your business has started making money, it is harder to dedicate time to thinking about how to further grow. The Business Legal Lifecycle suggests ideas to guide your thinking and inform you of the legal issues surrounding each possible step.

The four key areas that are covered in the Business Legal Lifecycle include:

How to successfully start up your business

Spending the time and a few extra dollars into setting your business up correctly can protect you in the future and save you thousands of dollars. The Business Legal Lifecycle outlines the procedures you need to follow in order to set your business up properly.

Why and when to pay attention to legal issues relating to your business

Understanding the legal aspects of your business is critical to the success of the business. The Business Legal Lifecycle explains key concepts and terms in plain English and give context on how to use them.

Who you should consult with

Often, being in business can be lonely, and sometimes you may feel lost and not know your next step. Consulting with a mentor or another business owner can be difficult due to time constraints, but it can be crucial in building a successful business. This book explains which consultants to contact, and when to contact them.

How to prepare for the end of your business

All businesses come to an end and need to be sold, though business owners often do not know how to set their business up for sale, or what to do when the business finishes. One of the main purposes of the Business Legal Lifecycle is to provide a plan to build your business into a saleable asset that can be sold when the time comes.


Find out more

For more information on the Business Legal Lifecycle or Streten Masons Lawyers, please visit You can purchase the physical book through the website, or on Amazon. You can also purchase a digital Kindle version through the Amazon store. 


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