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Carte Blanche

As an alliance of contemporary artists with diverse skills and strengths, Carte Blanche is an eclectic artist group that is connected by their mutual interest in artistic development and personal passions.

Based in the Moreton Bay Region, Carte Blanche are the artists in residence at Redcliffe State High School. Carte Blanche members have a diverse range of skills and knowledge and help to assist with students in years 9-12 alongside the art faculty. Students benefit from learning artistic skills, sharing ideas, techniques and processes as well as guidance on how to exhibit their work.

Artistic Mediums

Each artist in Carte Blanche brings a range of skills and knowledge including, but not limited to: Felting, Encaustic, Paper Making, Metal Work, Watercolour, Textiles, Dyeing, Photography, Printing, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Installations

Events & Exhibitions

The group exhibits frequently in the Moreton Bay Region and they are involved in community art activities such as life drawing, and classes.

Carte Blanche is a closed group and is not accepting new members currently. If you wish to participate with the group however you can showcase your work at their annual ‘Between the Tides’ event.

Between the Tides

Between the Tides originated in Auckland, New Zealand and is focused on reusing and recycling as well as using a great natural space - the Deception Bay foreshore - as the venue.

This one-day event is hosted by both Carte Blanche and the Moreton Bay Arts Council.

Between the tides festival is a free community art event bringing together a culmination of works from various artists. In conjunction with the resident artists at Carte Blanche, community members and groups work together to turn the Deception Bay foreshore into a vibrant sandscape installation.

This North Brisbane art exhibition encourages the use of recycled products to create innovative and emotive works from a wide range of artistic backgrounds.

The display stretches across the tidal sand bar to create a large scale interactive installation.

Check the What’s On Calendar to see when the next event is on.

Get Involved

What makes the event so great is its inclusivity; the day is not limited to artistic professionals but also invites schools, community groups, artistic cohorts and individual artists.

There are pet friendly beaches nearby so bring along your art loving pooch. Just make sure they don’t leave behind their own little sculptures.


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