13 / June / 2019

What your business needs to know about the State Government Waste Levy


Posted 13 June 2019

What your business needs to know about the State Government Waste Levy

The Queensland Government is developing a new waste management strategy that will be underpinned by a waste levy, which will commence on 1 July 2019 in 39 local government areas, including the Moreton Bay Region.

The levy aims to increase recycling, recovery rates and create new jobs and will only be added to the cost of disposing waste to landfill.

How will the levy apply to business, commercial and industrial activities?

Business, industry and commercial operators will be charged the State Government waste levy for all materials going to landfill, as well as any regulated waste, unless an exemption applies.

What help is available?

The State Government is funding ecoBiz, a free program which helps businesses reduce their energy, water and waste costs, and prepare for the introduction of the waste levy. Interested businesses can visit the ecoBiz website: www.ecobiz.cciq.com.au

Planet Ark Business Recycling also provides useful tips for reducing waste on their website, www.businessrecycling.com.au

I am a charity/not-for-profit organisation. Will the Waste Levy still apply?

The State Government has an exemption in place for eligible not-for-profit organisations and has employed the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations to engage directly with these organisations. For more information visit www.nacro.org.au

How can I find out more?

For information on the Queensland waste levy, including charges for business, exemptions and discounts visit:www.qld.gov.au/waste-disposal-levy

For information on Moreton Bay Region waste facilities and recycling visit: www.mbrc.qld.gov.au/waste