7 / April / 2017

Unique vision for better health


Posted 7 April 2017

Peninsula Private Hospital shares its unique vision for top-rate health care and promoting active lifestyles, as well as the importance of community involvement and customer connection…

Unique vision for better health

At the heart of Peninsula Private Hospital lies a unique vision of helping patients in the Moreton Bay Region. With over 30 years of service to the Redcliffe Peninsula community, we know how to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage the wellbeing of our patients, their friends and family. We align ourselves with health-focused events to communicate to the public that, one day, when you need health care services, you know that you can trust the team at Peninsula Private Hospital.

The importance of an active lifestyle

Inside the walls of the hospital, Peninsula Private prides itself on being a passionate family that takes its social responsibility seriously. Out in the community, you can find Peninsula Private Hospital sponsoring a multitude of events, including: The Lakes College and Jetty 2 Jetty fun runs, as well sporting teams such as North Lakes Mustangs Football Club. You can always find them involved and promoting an active lifestyle. Whether it is for you, a child or another family member – whenever you need health care services, Peninsula Private Hospital are the neighbours you can trust.

Sponsorship and customer connection

Sponsorship is proven to be a powerful tool to generate publicity in a local population. Sponsoring events has cultivated Peninsula Private Hospital’s credibility immensely. Aligning with its vision and business values, interacting with the community on a personal level helps to generate more brand awareness compared to more traditional mediums of engagement. Such events place the hospital in personal contact with members of the community that prioritise their wellbeing as high as Peninsula Private Hospital do. Through the appropriate sponsorship opportunities, Peninsula Private Hospital can directly connect with potential clients and customers interactively, providing the opportunity to build long-lasting and personal relationships with members of the Northern Brisbane community. This accelerates the positive public perception of the business, as event attendees share their experiences with other potential clients with the same commitment to their wellbeing.

Bringing people together

In Peninsula Private Hospital’s experience, sponsorship has proven a mutually-beneficial endeavour for all parties involved. The events bring like-minded people together and provide sponsors a unique opportunity to engage an audience with genuine interest. Because of this, sponsoring events has become an influential method of shaping the community’s attitude on a personal level that other forms of advertising cannot match. Building relationships within the community this way plays a key role in communicating Peninsula Private Hospital’s message of quality private healthcare in Redcliffe. Supporting the community, businesses and promoting health as a first priority is what Peninsula Private Hospital believes in, and how it will continue to send its message.