13 / February / 2019

Tourism & Hospitality Mature Aged Project


Posted 13 February 2019

Tourism & Hospitality Mature Aged Project

The QTIC Tourism and Hospitality Mature Aged Program aims to promote inclusiveness in the workforce, enabling people to stay connected and contribute socially and economically. The program aligns to the civic participation and employment goal of the Queensland Governments, Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program.

The project will provide opportunities for seniors aged 55 years and over to participate in employment, training, lifelong learning and volunteering opportunities. Furthermore, the program also supports the Queensland Government's Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program, respect and social inclusion goal, ensuring that employees are hired based on skills with all backgrounds valued, and appreciated for the skills and knowledge they can offer.

The integration of seniors in the workforce promotes intergenerational problem solving and an increase in the connection between older and younger staff members. Champion employers will demonstrate the value of having mature people in the workforce and the value of learning from one another.

QTIC will utilise its strong relationships with its member Registered Training Organisations including our corporate partner TAFE Queensland to promote and develop skills training as required.

QTIC's primary project goals are:

  • to advocate and promote the benefits of employing older people to the wider tourism and hospitality industry utilising our existing networks including; 13 Regional Tourism Organisations, industry members, and 18 industry associations;
  • target a minimum of 30 mature aged jobseekers across three local government regions including North Queensland, Central Queensland and Brisbane;
  • develop a network of no less than three champion employers and three Job Service providers in each region to develop local employment opportunities and pathways;
  • achieve a 65% employment outcome (casual, part-time or full-time employment) or a minimum of ten people per region;
  • achieve an increased awareness of job roles and opportunities suitable for mature aged workers that consider physical ability, flexible work hours, transferable skills, experience, expertise, regional history and local knowledge;
  • increase awareness and participation from local and regional employers to develop and implement attraction and recruitment practices targeting the mature aged workforce;
  • develop three regional mature aged employment networks that incorporate, local employment service providers, mature aged job seekers and local employer networks that organically sustain themselves through evidenced project employment outcomes;
  • local (champion) employers that champion the regional mature aged employment network.

QTIC is currently seeking expressions of interest from Job Active Providers, Mature Aged Job Seekers and Employers within the allocated regions that would like to participate in the Tourism and Hospitality Mature Aged Project.