6 / March / 2019

The QODE 2019 Program is Simply Inspiring


Posted 6 March 2019

QODE 2019 Program 

QODE promises to be unlike any other innovation, business and technology event, and with aspirations to become the largest innovation conference in the Southern Hemisphere, it's understandable why innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses have high hopes for this unique event. 

QODE will focus on delivering inspirational content to all levels of the entrepreneurial and business community on April 2-3 at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The full program has just been released and it's packed with exciting speakers and content.

QODE DAY ONE (April 2): Focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Robotics - Technology that is set to have the biggest impact in our working and private lives.
QODE DAY TWO (April 3): Study of various industries - emerging and established - and the opportunities, challenges and threats that new digital technologies are presenting.



Guest Speakers

The QODE program boasts a huge array of guest presenters from all over the world and various branches in the tech space. Here are just a few of the names attending the innovation event. 

Leanne Kemp - Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and  CEO, Everledger

Dr Roey Tzezana - Futurist and Foresight Expert

Dr Sue Keay - Research Director - Cyber Physical Systems, DATA61 (CSIRO)

Constatin Schwabb - CEO, Wirelane

Sam Hussey - CEO, Lightweave

Rag Udd - Vice President Technology Global Transformation, BHP 


Who should attend QODE? 

If you answer yes to any of the following then QODE is for you.

  1. You belong to an established industry and want to stay ahead of the curve
  2. You want to understand the true meaning of the 4th industrial revolution, and its consequences
  3. You want the opportunity to interact directly with great minds and international futurists
  4. You are an investor, CEO, policy maker or want to know, before others, what the future holds
  5. You are planning to build a startup, and are unsure which industry to target, which killer challenge to address or which killer idea to pursue
  6. You want to understand how to contribute, tap into and further develop Queensland's innovation ecosystem
  7. You are considering setting up a startup in Queensland, and want to understand the funding, accelerators programs and opportunities for new companies are in Queensland

Innovate Moreton Bay @ QODE 

Don't miss the opportunity to rub shoulders with the QODE delegation from Innovate Moreton Bay. This is a great chance to learn about what great things are happening in our own back yard. Make sure to follow Innovate Moreton Bay Facebook page as we introduce and feature each of our 10 delegates, and then speak to them in person at QODE 2019.