20 / July / 2019

The Power of the Hashtag


Posted 20 July 2019

How to use Hashtags for your business 

Want to make the most of your social media strategy? Then study up on using hashtags for business. Businesses in the Moreton Bay Region (#moretonbayregion) can seize the opportunity to improve their social media accounts by strategically using hashtags. As innovation and creativity within the region continue to increase, so should the strategies that businesses should be using to stay ahead of the game.

Tips and Tricks on how to make it work for your business

With the proper strategy, the use of hashtags can create an interactive, user-generated community which forms a genuine connection between customers and your business. By selecting the right hashtags, you have a larger chance for your posts to be included in multiple search results which increases the exposure of your business.

1. Use your location

Consumers love to see what’s on offer to them in their local area, so make sure you use this to your benefit. Suggestions for businesses in Moreton Bay Region for example Redcliffe, would be #Redcliffe, #BusinessMoretonBayRegion, #Brisbane, #QLD.

2. Create a Uniquely Branded Hashtag

Not only can hashtags expand your audience, they can also create a niche group. This can be beneficial to customers who wish to share their opinions about your brand, while also allowing you to track the demographics of your audience and what they are sharing. There are many uses for uniquely branded hashtags, whether it be to enforce your business’ personal brand, promote an upcoming event, increase the reach of a marketing campaign, or for a competition giveaway.

Examples of Branded Hashtags

  • Nike uses their slogan #JustDoIt as a hashtag for their marketing materials as a collective.
  • Uber used #BeyondFiveStars to launch a marketing campaign which encouraged users to give complements to their Uber drivers for exemplary service and enforce a positive brand association.
  • The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane uses the #bridgetobrisbane label to promote their fun run event.

3. Check the hashtag to see if it’s already being used

This may seem like a simple one but check on social media to see if the hashtag you have created for your business is already being used. There’s no use in trying to creatively and uniquely promote your business with a certain hashtag, if another business has beat you to it. If you’re using the same hashtag as another brand, then this may cause some confusion to those on social media for what your business is offering.

4. Use the optimal number of hashtags for each social media platform

Now that you have an idea of the best hashtags to use for your business, it is important to know the optimal number to use for each platform in order to maximise the engagement with your audience. The five most popular social media platforms to use hashtags are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The ideal number of hashtags for each platform are:

  • Instagram – 11
  • Twitter – 2
  • LinkedIn – 5
  • Facebook – 2

Facebook is a bit more complicated than the others. Facebook posts without hashtags can have a higher engagement rate than those with several. In order to achieve an integrated social media marketing strategy, it is recommended that an absolute maximum of 2 hashtags are used for each Facebook post.

Start (Hash)tagging

Hashtags can be used to categorise content and enhance the user’s social media experience. With the correct strategy and implementation, your business can thrive from the use of hashtags on your social media platforms. By using these helpful hints, you’ll be able to find the best hashtags for your brand and increase user engagement among your social media networks.