23 / August / 2017

Peninsula Private Hospital – a healthy approach to business


Posted 23 August 2017

Located in the heart of Kippa-Ring, Peninsula Private Hospital utilises community-based partnership opportunities to drive referrals and, in turn, help grow business.

Not only do not-for-profit clubs in particular benefit from such sponsorships, but aligning with organisations that have a ‘healthy approach’ to business is equally advantageous for Peninsula Private Hospital.

“Partnerships, in our mind, help all businesses grow,” says Alyson McMahon, Business Development Manager. “Positive word of mouth, networking, and sharing our stories with others helps grow business for our business!”

Active partnerships - proud sponsor of the Jetty 2 Jetty fun run

Mustangs Football Club

Peninsula Private Hospital has been sponsoring the North Lakes Mustangs Football Club for the last three years.

What started off as a logo inclusion on players’ training shirts and a field-based marquee has evolved to an ongoing business relationship, including Platinum Sponsorship for a further two years.

This allows the health-oriented Peninsula Private Hospital to spread its message and branding throughout the club’s marketing on social media, website, on soccer balls, shirts, banners, newspapers articles, and at events to over 650 players.

“We feel it has been a worthwhile partnership and we are seeing the benefits now through referrals to see our specialists.”

Pink Day event

As the platinum sponsor, Peninsula Private Hospital was able to be part of the recent Pink Day event hosted by the Mustangs, which helped raise much-needed funds for Cancer research.

“We like to strongly align ourselves with events in the community such as this or fun runs (like the annual Jetty 2 Jetty event) to keep our message cohesive with what we can offer in the health sector.”

Pink Day proved not only successful in terms of raising funds, but was a great opportunity for Peninsula Private Hospital branding and kid-friendly giveaways – including branded beach balls, sunglasses, frisbees, water bottles and hot pink bags.

Out and about in the community at the Pink Day event

Business Excellence and Innovation Awards

This year, Peninsula Private Hospital is proud to be a category sponsor of the 2017 Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards.

With the slogan ‘quality private healthcare in Redcliffe’, Peninsula Private Hospital is all about providing the highest level of customer service.

“We work very hard to ensure that our nurses are continually receiving additional training. We have also started Project 360, a program initiated from feedback from our staff, to our staff engagement committee,” said Alyson McMahon.

“This project involves managers listening to, and almost swapping shoes with, our staff to help work together more cohesively and find where there are issues. This helps the executive team work through these issuesand fix this for the staff to ensure that their workplace is one where they feel supported and listened to.”

For more information on the Peninsula Private Hospital Customer Service Excellence Award, visit businessawardsmoretonbayregion.com.au