14 / December / 2018

New tech event announced for 2019


Posted 14 December 2018

A major new event celebrating and showcasing Queensland entrepreneurs and innovation has been announced, delivering information on artificial intelligence, data, robotics, and the changing business landscape across two days in early April 2019.

QODE (pronounced Code) is set to showcase Queensland innovation and technology to a global audience in a combined festival and conference format, building on the success of tech event Myriad.

The event, to be held at the Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre from 2-3 April, will merge information, knowledge, and investment, and will be one of the major pillars of the new ‘Curiocity’ festival. This also includes the World Science Festival Brisbane and Brisbane Festival.

Who can go?

QODE will deliver inspirational content to the startup and entrepreneurial community, plus critical information to company executives and government officials wanting to better understand the future business landscape.

Discover more about artificial intelligence, cyber security, data, blockchain, robotics, health care, mega disruption economy, energy, industry 4.0, foodtech and more.

Find out more

Find out more about QODE and see how you can get involved. More details to come in the New Year.