22 / June / 2018

Kindred tackle Kokoda, now jumping into Jetty2Jetty


Posted 22 June 2018

Thirteen employees of Kindred Property Group have completed a gruelling seven-day, 96km trek of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea this month.

Driven to pay respect to Australian troops and allies and to push themselves and their teamwork to new levels, the Kindred team say the trek was one of the toughest physical and mental challenges many of them have faced.

“Although we trained before leaving, there is not really anything that can completely prepare you for that type of journey,” shares Steve McDade, head of Kindred’s North Lakes and Surrounds office.

“There are so many emotions when you are trekking. Each moment it can be something different from honouring our fallen, respecting those who fought, emotions from being embraced into the culture of the Papua New Guineans or just working through your own feelings ranging anywhere from exhaustion to accomplishment.”

Ben Hyrapietian, head of Kindred’s Deception Bay and Burpengary office, notes how the test of perseverance and endurance was a great bonding activity for the team.

“Even though the task to complete the trek is an individual one, it’s something that’s made more manageable with the support of those around you, be it our own Kindred team mates or the mateship of the Papua New Guinean porters who supported us.”

With the Kokoda Trek now accomplished, the Kindred team have set their sights on their next adventure – the Jetty2Jetty race on 22 July, 2018.

“Not only will we have a team running, but we’re also proud to be the water station sponsor and support for the event,” explains Josh Kindred, Kindred Principal and head of the Peninsula office.

“We have our entire team supporting the runners on the day, and plan to be ‘hydration heroes’ for everyone, offering green sports drinks, water, high-fives, fist pumps and loads of enthusiasm to runners on the iconic course.”

“We know how support and encouragement can go a long way when striving to achieve a personal goal like Jetty2Jetty, and we cannot wait to make a real difference at the event.”

Kindred note that the Kokoda trek will now be a yearly activity for the company, with staff encouraged to take on the track with their teammates.

To find out more about Kindred, head to www.kindred.com.au