13 / February / 2019

Moreton Bay Innovation delegation to QODE


Posted 13 February 2019

Innovate Moreton Bay delegation to QODE 2019

Stimulating. Energising. Disruptive. Provocative. Unsettling. 

As technology drives continuous change, it is challenging to navigate and understand what the future of the business landscape will look like. QODE is a new technology and innovation event for Australia. It will be Brisbane's largest ever innovation event with aspirations to be the premier innovation festival in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Over two days (APRIL 2-3, 2019) of inspiration, education and engagement, guests will hear from national and global experts, including entrepreneurs from overseas innovation hubs speaking in Australia for the very first time. This is a chance to hear from industry experts providing rare insight into the frontier technologies that are revolutionising our world. 

QODE has been designed for companies, government officials, investors, entrepreneurs and startups, providing unique networking opportunities and the platform to immerse yourself and your product or service among like-minded individuals and collaborators.  


Why join the Innovate Moreton Bay delegation to QODE?

Being part of the Innovate Moreton Bay delegation to QODE provides a unique opportunity to not only network with global and national experts, entrepreneurs and investors, but to also connect with others operating in the innovation space within the Moreton Bay Region.

As the Regional Innovation Coordinator for the Moreton Bay Region, Steve Butler, says "you are in the middle of who you surround yourself with and this is a great opportunity to be around like-minded individuals, thinkers and tinkers."

The Moreton Bay delegation also holds a fantastic track record with more than half of last year's delegates going on to be finalists at the 2018 Moreton Bay Business Excellence & Innovation Awards.  


How to become a delegate

With only 10 spots available we ask that your innovative product or service aligns with at least one of the following categories:

a) Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning and AI - solving complex problems, finding new insights with the fusion of data, delivered in real-time.

b) Cybersecurity: Using AI to restore the balance between the hackers and the system defenders. Systems under siege - healthcare, financial, social media, democracy and privacy. 

c) Blockchain: A decentralised ledger - removing the need for the intermediary. Why Public and Semi-Public/Private Blockchain are changing the world. Cryptocurrency - not the only application. The future of banks, insurance companies, government healthcare systems.

d) Robotics: Automation fulfils its long-standing promise across industries: agriculture, transportation, and logistics. The effects of robotics in healthcare, law enforcement, emergency services, food production, education, entertainment, mining and manufacturing. 

e) Health and Food: The future of health care and food is exploding. The application of AI and wearable technology to assist with diagnostics, disease management and patient care simply scrapes the surface of the possibilities in the health and wellness sectors. Given the demand for high quality, nutritious, personalised clean and safe food is increasing, Australia is well placed to maximise opportunities to transform the dynamics of the food and health sectors.

f) Energy: Energy generation and storage at the heart of the electrical transportation revolution. Energy demands of smart cities and industry dominate. The drive for cleaner, reliable and flexible systems to satisfy consumers, business and industry alike drive innovation and real-world application of technology.