4 / March / 2019

How do digital technologies influence your tourism business? Have your say


Posted 4 March 2019

QTIC Tourism Disruptive Technologies Project 

The aim of the QTIC Tourism Disruptive Technologies Project is to develop a digital workforce and training plan for the Queensland tourism industry that identifies gaps in digital uptake among industry members; the impact and implication of new technology on the industry; and the opportunities that technology presents to enhance destination experiences.

In order to understand the current position of the digital competencies of the tourism industry, we have secured funding through the Queensland Government's Training in Emerging and Innovative Industries Fund. The project will include consultation with small, medium and large employers across the state, to establish a Queensland Tourism Digital Workforce Plan that identifies the:

  • extent of current engagement with digital technologies among operators and employees
  • current workforce skills needs and current skills deficiencies
  • impacts and implications the introduction of digital technologies has had on the workforce
  • technologies that promote opportunities in efficiencies and economic benefits to operators and state GSP
  • technologies that offer opportunities to enhance customer attraction, access, experiences and satisfaction
  • likely return on investment at varying stages of embracing digital technology
  • reason for digital technology adoption and the outcomes of introduction
  • barriers to implementation
  • opportunities for businesses and regions