27 / April / 2017

For health insurance that’s all +, check out Bupa Plus


Posted 27 April 2017

Open up a world of benefits with exclusive discounts and information to help make the most of a membership. Bupa Plus is a new service that uses Bupa’s relationships across a range of industries to help families get everyday value even in full health. With Bupa Plus members can expect up to a 70% discount on certain goods and services from gym memberships to pet insurance, because they’re part of the family too!

Discounts and Great Offers

For members, Bupa Plus offers benefits such as: 30% off Blackmore products when purchased online, a 33% discount with Weight Watchers three-month weight loss program and 34% off an online subscription to Healthy Food Guide magazine. Support is also available for members within the fields of physiotherapy, chiropractic’s osteopathy and dental. Other tools such as a free online health assessment are also available to Bupa members as well as an abundance of discounts for gym memberships and other participating organisations.

Heart Health

Cardiovascular complications kill one Australian every 12 minutes. Given the fact heart disease is a complex condition and treatment options can be vast and confusing, Bupa has teamed up with Genesis Heart Care, Australia’s largest group of cardiologists that monitor and measure patient’s outcomes in an effort to provide quality care and an understanding of their lifestyle decisions to improve their health.

Pre-natal Health

Pregnancy is an important aspect of Bupa Plus and it aims to relieve as much stress as possible before, during and after pregnancy. Bupa guides members through healthcare options within the public and private sectors. Costs and the levels of insurance are also described in detail, and with Bupa Beginnings parents can expect tailored information to their level of cover and location. In addition, Bupa’s relationships with a vast range of retailers provide parents with discounts on baby furniture and clothing as well as pregnancy exercise sessions.


The world becomes smaller with Bupa Plus and the benefits offered regarding travelling, including discounts for air fares and accommodation. Advice is also available on planning trips, especially for anyone with a disability that wants to travel, and any required vaccinations when entering certain countries. Assistance with understanding insurance policies overseas is also on offer. Furthermore, a 24-hour phone line is available and exclusive to members, helping to provide assistance with finding and obtaining referrals to nearby medical facilities as well as aid reviewing medical bills and help with translation when required.

Healthy Apps

Free services are also on offer through Bupa Plus, this includes various calculators for energy burning, BM, ideal weight and many more. There are also apps available such as MedAdvisor that helps users take their medicine safely and on time. Another revolutionary app available on Bupa Plus is BrainyApp, which focuses on combatting the onset of Alzheimer’s, considering the number of people with dementia is expected to reach up to 900,000 by 2050. The Blue Room is a key feature fully available to all, that contains blog posts and reliable information from quitting smoking to real life stories of families battling cancer. Support for quitting smoking is also a major area of support that Bupa Plus is involved in. Bupa Plus provides a vast collection of content and statistics that provide education and support on quitting.

Bupa Plus is a database of benefits for members from all walks of life, and provides first-rate information for potential members as well. Bupa aims to provide true value for members, and more than just insurance. By partnering with like-minded organisations to offer exclusive benefits, discounts and offers that improve life in general, no matter what the situation or goal – Bupa can help.