9 / December / 2019

Changing Lives, Changing Communities - Caboolture - Round 2


Posted 9 December 2019

Moreton Bay Region's Caboolture Hub Hosts The 2019 Changing Lives, Changing Communities Forum

What will it take to continue our work together to create communities where everyone contributes, matters and belongs?

Each year Changing Lives, Changing Communities run forums on topics such as accessibility and inclusion. This year was round 2 of the forum where over 50 people from community and industry sectors came together at the Caboolture Hub to learn, contribute and discuss topics relating to accessibility and inclusion.

Innovate Moreton Bay Regional Innovation Coordinator, Steve Butler was in attendance.


“Changing Lives, Changing Communities provides an excellent platform for community and industry to come together while identifying synergies in ways that we can all help each other to make our community even more inclusive”



Across Queensland, communities are looking to work together to make a difference, to create a place where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. Changing Lives, Changing Communities is about bringing together these communities to co-create solutions to ensure everyone can access the essentials such as, education, good health, a roof over their heads, transport, and meaningful employment.

How do these forums help make a difference?

These types of forums are vital to ensuring the safe and successful continuation of accessibility for, and inclusion of, all community members in Queensland. These forums provide a platform for individuals and organisations trying to make a difference, to be heard and their ideas and goals to be discussed and ultimately reached where they benefit the community. Together they have a greater opportunity to take action for change, build stronger relationships with one another to better benefit those in need, and support those who are most vulnerable.

MBRIT Tourism Marketing Manager, Renee Gusa was thrilled to be involved in the forum.


“It was inspiring to be in a room of individuals who are passionate for change, who want all members of our community to feel a part of that community. Having access to a room of knowledgeable industry professionals, along with, the opportunity to speak with community representatives directly was invaluable. Changing Lives, Changing Communities was the single most important forum I have attended all year”


With community and government representatives such as Hon Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services and Hon Coralee O'Rourke MP, Minister for Communities and Minister for Disability Services and Seniors in attendance, this years forum was buzzing with discussions around opportunities, well-being, inclusion and accessibility.


“We need to take accessibility and inclusion seriously, not just at a community level, but also from an economic growth perspective. Tourism Research Australia published ‘Accessible Tourism in Victoria and Queensland Summary’ in January 2018 ( https://bit.ly/2rvpbST), the report found that 20% of Australian Adults have a disability or long-term health condition, with the estimated spend of these travellers being $781.0 million. By 2050 it is estimated that nearly one-quarter of the population will be aged 65 or over, consider how important this is going to be to how we develop and grow our tourism industry, both for domestic and international markets.” says Renee.


Who else supports those who are vulnerable in the community through supporting Changing Lives, Changing Communities?

Changing Lives, Changing Communities work in partnership with QCOSS, QDN and (QHRC). QCOSS create positive social change through their work in advocacy, policy development, engaging and empowering their members, the social service sector and communities and are committed to self-determination and opportunity creation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. QDN is a state-wide organisation of, for, and with people with disability connecting for collective and affirmative action and QHRC is the anti-discrimination commission for Queensland. Together they help make sure all members of the community are included and their well-being is cared for.

You don't have to be a part of a government organisation to make a difference, by simply talking about the issues faced by members of the community and raising awareness can make a big difference.


Be sure to keep an eye out for next years forum!