1 / March / 2019

Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund Commences Round Five


Posted 1 March 2019

Government announces grants funding to create sustainable jobs


If you're in the process of commercialising a new product, scaling your business, or penetrating new markets, you may want to sit up and pay attention to the Queensland government's recent announcement. 

On Wednesday, 27 February, Innovation Minister Kate Jones announced up to $8 million in funding for businesses trying to do just this. 

Ms Jones said startups and small-to-medium businesses were eligible for grants of up to $200,000 through round five of the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund.

“Since its launch three years ago, we’ve invested $34 million to support almost 270 companies through the Ignited Ideas program. This is to help Queensland businesses to grow, employ more staff and support the economy,” she said.

“Already, we’ve created 1000 new jobs through Ignite Ideas with about two-thirds located in regional Queensland.

“That’s what our Advance Queensland strategy is all about – creating the jobs of the future in our state.”

Ms Jones said previous successful projects include FlyFreely, a Queensland company that developed a software platform to handle flight planning and approval processes for commercial drone missions.

FlyFreely received $250,000 to help launch their product in three countries.

“Recently, they signed an agreement to help develop Vietnam’s commercial drone industry,” Ms Jones said.

Other success stories include Aurtra – a Queensland company that received $100,000 to develop a data logger which is now being used throughout the US and Australia to monitor transformers for power supply.

“Each of these has great commercial potential. They are looking to export their products overseas and create sustainable jobs in Queensland,” Ms Jones said.

“We’re committed to investing in innovative local companies that employ Queenslanders. I encourage anyone with a product ready for the next big step to apply for an Ignite Ideas grant.”

Applications for expressions of interest close on 25 March 2019.
For more information, visit advance.qld.gov.au/entrepreneurs-startups/ignite-ideas-fund.aspx